My name is Nicole Mayer.  I started a company in 2007 called MTK Designs, building websites and doing marketing for small businesses.  In December of 2015, I closed MTK Designs to go into a partnership with a company I thought I could trust.  The partnership ended up not benefiting me at all and I broke free.  I decided that instead of opening another website design and marketing company, I would open a complete Marketing Company and call it Niki Maria Promotions.

Notes from Nicole:

Every Business is different.  I look at every industry, take note of your competitors and whether or not their efforts are working and if they are, then I find ways to beat them in both skill and strategic planning.  Marketing is all about finding the best methods to make more money.  When you own a business, it is so important that you find a way to keep your business going.  If you are running an event, such as a high school reunion, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, etc. you need someone who can manage and maintain the event from start to finish and take the stress off of you.  With affordable prices, vendors who are amazing, and the ability to help you find a way to keep your event in order.  Marketing, Promotions and Events


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